lördag 25 oktober 2014

Throwback - Flowers (2)

It's flowe-time again! Here's part 2 :) And yes, making this post made me miss summer a lot again. I almost think I'll have to take a break in throwbacks, I mean, it's just raining and raining over here. No snow. Only cold, windy, rainy, dark days... :p But I hope you enjoy the pictures anyway! :)

onsdag 22 oktober 2014

Throwback - Flowers (1)

Good evening everyone! For me, it's evening at least. But okay, to explain why I chose to do a throwback today I'm just going to say - accident. Yepp, that's true, all I did was to look around in the map where I store the pictures I've posted on my blog. Then I realised there where no  throwback with flowers and that's it. :)
Oh, making this post made me think of summer so much! (And since I had so many pictures, this is only part 1)

måndag 20 oktober 2014

Pretty little things

Hi! I hope you've had a good day. I was very close to forget about the blog, but then I suddenly remembered. Then it was already dark outside, so I took a tour around my room to see if I had anything to make a nice picture. I found some pretty little things, but of course I managed to make the most pictures blurry, but here's what I got for today! Oh, and my photo editor cached as well, so that's why the pics are a bit... different if you say so :p

lördag 18 oktober 2014

Good morning!

Hello! It has been way to long since last time, but I had a test coming up and school is my main priority. But today is Saturday and I've been awake since 5:30 AM, thinking about dewdrops. Later, around 8:00 AM it was enough daylight to get started. I shoot for maybe 45 minutes, and now I'm here blogging about it!

måndag 6 oktober 2014

Yellow, orange, red

Hi everyone! Since yesterday was green, I figured it would be good to do a follow-up with autumn colours instead. I was outside a bit and tried to capture the glory of this season, but the best pictures turned out blurry... But I guess the other ones where good to, just not that good. So if you wonder why the first picture might be a little out of focus, it's because the wind made my photos all blurry :)

söndag 5 oktober 2014

Green, green, green

Today's topic is green. I've been gone a wile but now I'm back again with green leafs and a little flower. After some thinking I also came to the conclusion that a post every second day would be good. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday/Sunday will be the day's you can expect a post and hopefully you'll stop by! :)