söndag 31 maj 2015

Mother's day - 1

Hello everyone! Happy mother's day! Today is mother's day in Sweden and I celebrated my mother with tea, roses, chocolate mousse cake, lemon curd pie and candles. I took some good photos of the roses and more photos is coming. I'm a little short on time today so it's probably going to be two or three more posts from mothers day. Those posts is coming in the next few days! :)

onsdag 27 maj 2015


Hi there! Today's post is going to be about this cheesecake my mum have done. It's a chocolate and fudge cheesecake topped with raspberries. It was delicious. I'm going to go outside and shoot some photos this weekend, the weather has been very nice and it's feeling like summer! I would really like to maybe take the bus to some place where I haven't shoot any photos before so it's probably going to be good. Not only lots and lots of macro but maybe something a little different... landscape? Only time will tell :)

måndag 25 maj 2015

Maja in the garden

Hi everybody! It's time for another post with Maja. I feel like it's been some time since I did a post like that but it wasn't very long ago, just last week. She was very cute outside and the lighting was very good. It's a bit tricky to get her colour right since it very easily turn out brown even though she's black and white. This Wednesday is probably going to be a post about something baked, I don't know what yet but it's hopefully going to look tasty!

söndag 24 maj 2015

More flowers!

Hello there! It was really nice weather outside and the lighting was very good. I shoot all the photos I wanted to and Maja was there. I'm quite happy with the result! My weekend has been good, it's been almost 20°C outside and sunny. I and a friend spent almost this whole day outside doing summer things like playing badminton and having a water fight in his backyard :)

fredag 22 maj 2015


Good evening! I was very prepared to go outside and I had made a bit of a plan of the things I wanted to take some photos of... and it's been raining and really windy the whole day. It made me really disappointed that the weather is so bad today. A requested post since I don't know how long is to do a Q&A so I decided to take the opportunity to do it today. If you have any other questions feel free to leave them in the comments or just send me a mail! :)

Is your hair naturally curly?
Yes it is! :)

What curling iron do you use?

Why did you stop book Sunday?
I just didn't feel like my reviews where good enough. Maybe I will try and do something similar in the future but I don't feel qualified enough at the moment.

How tall are you?
162cm or 5'2"

What camera do you use? Manual or automatic mode?
I use a Nikon D3100 and I prefer manual.

Favourite book?
The Picture of Dorian Gray.

How many cats do you really have?
Haha, it's three cats totally, Maja, Tigra and Sessan.

Have you ever dropped your camera?
Nope and I hope I never drop it either.

You speak other languages?
Yes I also speak Swedish.

What book are you reading right now?
I just got this book from the library. It's called Två sekunder i Byron Hemmings liv (directly translated to: two seconds in Byron Hemmings life). In English it's called Perfect and written by Rachel Joyce.

Can you please post a selfie?
It seems like a lot of people really wanted me to post a selfie so I guess I could do that... just because you ask so nicely ;)

onsdag 20 maj 2015

Wednesday hello!

Hello there! I'm just going to write this quick little post before I finish my last homework. It's been a pretty busey week this far and I totally forgot to blog today :p But here I am anyway because I finally remembered that it was Wednesday and I was suposed to post something. The sky looked pretty so I took a photo of it and Tigra. It's not much but I'm going to do something goot untill Friday. Today I basically just wanted to say hello :)

tisdag 19 maj 2015

Cat tongue

Hi readers! I was just taking a bit random photos of the cats and then I saw that Maja did this weird thing with her tongue and it's so cute. She was probably going to lick her nose of something like that, she always do that and breath very deep when she is a little tired. I think it is very cute and I wanted to do a little post since I blogged so little last week! :)

måndag 18 maj 2015

Squared flowers

Hello everybody! My cold is doing much better, it's only a little cough left of it. I went to school today and I took some photos outside. Maybe it's because it was some time since I actually shoot any good photos (cats don't count) but I'm very happy with how they turned out today. I'm probably going to post a couple on Instagram, I'm so bad at updating my own account but I'm there every day! I've also started to like having my pictures in squares. I think that looks good when you read the post both with phone and on computer. Anyway, I hope you had a good weekend and enjoy the photos :)

fredag 15 maj 2015

I'm still sick...

Hi readers! Update on my cold: I'm still sick, my nose is red and my throat sore. I also have school work to do since I've been home this week. The weather's been nice and all that but every time I'm thinking about going out I just... don't do it. You know what that means - more cat photos. I wanted to take some nice pictures of the cats doing something cute like playing with a toy or something but they're all just very boring right now. The cats have been sleeping all day long. I'm going to try and go outside a little when I'm feeling better again.

torsdag 14 maj 2015

Comeback from my cold!

Hello guys! I know I've not been blogging in almost a week but my cold just makes me tired. I tried to do something about the complete mess in my room but after throwing away some tissue paper I just felt so tired I just wanted to sleep. So, yeah, sorry I haven't made any posts but I just didn't feel like taking any pictures. Don't worry though - I've not been bored. Stephen Hawking's book The Grand Design arrived in the mail this Monday and I love it :)

Anyway, I just wanted to make this post as some kind of comeback because tomorrow is going to have a post as usually and I'm going to try my best to get better. Since I'm still kind of sick I didn't take any very special photos for today and... my camera battery died :p

söndag 10 maj 2015


Good evening everybody! I don't know what happened with the Friday post, I thought I published it but I must have accidentally deleted it instead(?). I was almost completely sure I made a post but apparently not, I guess. You didn't miss anything important and I'm probably going to put up the photos in the next post instead. ;)

Today was my confirmation. I was very nervous and my even more nervous friends didn't make it any better. Everything went well, nobody fell of the stage, everyone knew their lines in the little dramas we preformed and it didn't rain. It was very windy though and that made it so cold outside. I'm also sick at the moment - sore throat and a bit of fewer. I could've been without the fewer and wind but it was a good day after all.

My mum took the photos of me and I took the rest of the photos. I looked grumpy in almost every photo or my face was covered in hair but I'm just going to include some of the okay photos of me since it's a special day after all. I was very pleased with the photos of the food, better than usually. I changed the settings a little bit.

I really hope you like this post. It took so long to get done and I've rewritten and changed the pictures a thousand times. This was an important day to me and I wanted it to be remembered well. That's also the reason I wrote quite a lot more than usually.

Left up: Me and my friends in our little drama. Right up: Singing. Left down: Prayer. Right down: Singing the last song before going outside.

Group photo!

From left: Me, Sofia and Johanna.

Sandwich cake.

Sponge cake with dark chocolate, milk chocolate and strawberries.

Mousse cake with fruit.

The turquoise Bible everyone got and that you can see me holding in some photos.

onsdag 6 maj 2015

Quick hello!

Hello! I guess the title says it all this time. I'm just going to put up a couple of quick photos because this week started with a cold and four tests. Last test is tomorrow and that hopefully means that Friday post is going to be more fun. I thought that a small (maybe some think it's boring?) is better than posting nothing :)

måndag 4 maj 2015

Rhubarb pie

Hello readers! It almost seems like it's became a bit of a thing to post something baked on Mondays. I'm going to make this post about a delicious rhubarb pie my mum made. This weeks posts is probably not going to be very advanced/special because I have quite a bit of homework and tests so I have to warn you about that. I'm going to do my absolute best to post on the right days but if I miss a day you know why. Enjoy the pie! :)

söndag 3 maj 2015

Green little buds

Hi there! I've not posted this Friday and that's because I totally forgot about it. Some days before I planned something spring-themed to the 1st May post but I forgot about it. Outside my house, not very far away, I saw these little green buds and they give a nice spring feeling. I don't know about you but I associate flowers, colour and nature with spring and summer.