torsdag 27 november 2014

A summer memory #2

Hi! It's time for another summery memory. This time I picked photos from last summer when Neo and Sessan was kittens. They were such little cuties, playful and tired of the warm summer air. I really like this photos :)

måndag 24 november 2014

A new look!

Hello! Since it's almost winter I've worked on a new layout to put up on the blog. Today I was finally done so now the new theme is up! I wanted something less summery and I'm happy with my result. Do you like the new theme better? Let me know in a comment!

söndag 23 november 2014

River photos

Hello! I live not very far from a river and today I and a friend biked to the marina. There wasn't any boats there since it's almost winter but I shoot some pictures. My friend borrowed my camera and therefore I'm now having 50 photos of myself on my memory card. I found a descent picture of myself so now you get a portrait photo as well, witch is kind of unusual. :)

torsdag 20 november 2014

Universal children's day!

Hi! Today, in Sweden, it's the universal children's day. I know that it may not be the universal children's day where you are, it depends what country you live in. But today it's children's day over here and my mum made this beautiful (and delicious!) pink ombre cake. So I've made a collage and then I'm posting some single pictures as well. Enjoy!

onsdag 19 november 2014

Sleepy evening...

Hello! I've been sick almost the whole week and it's cold, dark and boring over here. The weather is just grey and everyone is a little bored about it. The cats have mostly been sleeping inside and this was a normal sleepy evening. I hope you're in a sunny, warm place where the sky doesn't just change colour from grey to grey again! And here's some pictures of how nice a cat life can be.

Sleeping :)
Drinking/playing with the water :)

And last but not least, getting warmed up by laying on the radiator :)

måndag 17 november 2014

A summer memory

Hello dear reader! In this dark, cold and depressing late autumn days you could need to see some inspiring, summer pictures. So I decided to start with this series called "A summer memory" it's a bit like throwback I guess, but from summer. And I have loads of pictures that's just collecting dust since they where shoot for some time ago, so this is a good way to bring them back to life again!

söndag 9 november 2014

Hoya flowers

Hello everyone! Today was another grey, dark day with very little sunlight, but I was inside and shoot some pictures of my mums flowers. Flowers is something you always can get some good photos from! :) And to my help this time, I had a Sessan. She wanted my attention, so I took some pictures of her as well.

fredag 7 november 2014

Kittens - Neo and Sessan

Hello everyone! This month our cat Sessan (you could say it means princess in Swedish) is 1½ years old! :) Sessan has also got a sister called Neo and since they were born in the same litter, it's Neos half-birthday as well. And these two were really adorable when they were little. Sessan still is, and probably Neo too :)



Left: Sessan Right: Neo.

Tess, Sessan and Neo.

Left: Neo Right: Sessan.



onsdag 5 november 2014

Autumn evening

Hello readers! Yesterday evening there was this pretty sunset. It was very cold, not even the cats wanted to be outside for very long at a time. I'm not much for cold weather (not rainy, to hot or to windy weather either...), so I wasn't outside for very long time, but I shoot some nice pictures at least! :)

måndag 3 november 2014

GBG Horse Show

Hello! This February I was on the Gothemburg Horse Show (I go every year) and I figured I would make a post with some of those pictures. I barely used the pictures after I shoot them since I didn't have any blog or anything. So now, in November, I bring back some winter memories! :)

lördag 1 november 2014

Potted flower

Hi everyone! I've not posted for a long time, I know, but it's been a lot going on right now. My cousins have been staying at our house the whole week, since Friday I've been sick, a could probably. Then I finally worked out the problem with the program I touch up my pictures in, like write the © and that.
  But anyway, here's today's pictures. It's a potted flower so don't worry, it's not like Sweden got blooming flowers in November or anything... except indoors of course :)