About me

Hello! I don't really know what to tell you about myself really and you might still have some questions left unanswered after reading this. If that's the case you know you can always contact me.

My name is Isabella and I'm 15 years old. I'm born and living in Sweden. I've got three cats named Maja, Tigra and Sessan and you'll frequently see photos of them. My hobbies include horse back riding, lots of reading, taking photos, being with my friends and spending hours on instagram.

I've always loved to do crafty things when I was younger and now I find the same joy in taking photos. The reason I started this whole blog was because I didn't want my pictures to just collect dust in the folders on my computer. Maybe someone would enjoy taking a look at them? I didn't think so at first but started a blog at Blogg.se anyway.

The very first posts I made where written in Swedish and it didn't attract many visitors. I started to look around and thinking about taking my blog to readers outside Sweden. At first I started writing in both Swedish and English but I still wanted something more. In the middle of the night, the 27th July I made my first little short post on blogspot. Since then I've got a lot more readers and that's very motivating.