söndag 28 februari 2016


Hello everybody! I just wanted to post something little today since I wasn't really happy with the video I posted yesterday. So today I picked out these photos of some candles. All of the three candles are supposed to be white but I was changing my settings and ended up with this really read/yellow photo too. I can't decide whether I like or don't like that photo so I took that one too.

This weekend it was very nice weather outside but I didn't go out and take any photos because of the cold I'm currently having, but hopefully the weather is going to stay nice so that I can take some good photos.

lördag 27 februari 2016

Video: Heavy snowfall

Hi readers! I said I was going to make a video out of the few clips I had from when it was snowing. Well, since I seem to have caught a cold I thought that it might be a good idea to stay inside and edit the video. This is probably the worst video I think I've made, but I thought I could just post it since I didn't really have anything else and I did mention it before. And lastly I might also tell you that the background music is Für Elise by Beethoven.

torsdag 25 februari 2016

Heavy snowfall and Tigra

Hello readers! It was negative degrees this morning and that made me think of a few photos I have from when it was snowing very heavy. The reason that it isn't a lot of photos is because I was getting ready to go to the stable, but I did film it a bit and I was thinking about putting the clips together this weekend. But for now I'm just going to post a photo of what it looked like when it was snowing, a photo of what it looked like when I came home from the stable and a couple of photos of Tigra. She was sitting in my window when I came home and looked cute.

Today I got a package with new books and I'm really looking forward to reading all of the books as soon as I'm done with the book I just started on today. The book I'm going to review - the review is coming soon, it's in the process of being written right now - I finished yesterday evening. And... thats about it as far as my day has been. Enjoy the photos!

tisdag 23 februari 2016

Sessan and my bouquet

Hi everybody! If you read my last post you already know about the bouquet I got for my birthday. After taking the photos featured in the post, I left the room for a little bit. When I came back I found Sessan smelling and tasting the flowers. I took these photos that you can see in this post, and then I took the flowers to a safe place on the shelf above my desk.

I'm really trying not to forget about blogging. Also, I'm almost done with the book I'm currently reading and the review is hopefully coming during next week. My book reviews seem to be very appreciated and that makes me very happy. That is also very motivating and I'm hoping to be able to make them more often!

söndag 21 februari 2016

Birthday bouquet!

Hello everyone! As you might remember I mentioned my birthday that happened last week. One of my gifts was this spring-like flower bouquet. I really liked the flowers and the colors of it, everything came together very nicely. Because of that I decided to take some photos of it, and the photos turned out good. The tulips are not feeling well right now, but the white flowers are still looking nice and fresh. I could smell the flowers in my room and every time I sat down at my desk I would see them, so here are some photos of what they looked like.

There was a week long winter holiday this past week and school starts again tomorrow. I'm telling you this because during this holiday I've been doing a lot of reading and a book review is coming up soon.

fredag 19 februari 2016

Attempt to night photos

Hi readers! I don't usually post night photos because it's so bothersome to take them, but yesterday night I went outside and tired to take some photos of the moon. It didn't really work, the moon was so bright that it ended up looking like I tried to take photos of the sun, almost. So I gave up on that and instead I tried to take some photos of the stars. That worked a bit better but I'm still not very happy with the result.

I wanted to share this here anyway because it might be fun to look back on if I sometime in the future get good night photos for once. If you want to read another post with better photos I would recommend Night photos.

onsdag 17 februari 2016

Snow and more of Molle

Hello everyone! Some of you might remember that I last month made a post with photos of my friends cute little dog called Molle. Back then I promised that I was going to make another post with more photos, I just didn't have time to edit all of the photos back then. The post was called Molle and snow and if you want to read it you can just click on the link.

Well, the other day, I found a pink post-it note with the names of the photos of Molle that I didn't post back then. Since it's snow outside right now too - you will see more of that in tomorrows post! - I figured it was better late than never. So here you go, more photos of Molle and the snowy weather!

måndag 15 februari 2016

Valentine's day cupcakes!

Hi readers! I know, valentine's day was yesterday and I haven't blogged in about a week. It was because of my birthday I didn't blog, I totally forgot about the blog during last week. And I was going to post this yesterday but the lighting was so bad that I couldn't get any good photos at all. So I waited one day instead and decided to post the valentine's day cupcakes together with the cupcakes from my birthday.

All of these cupcakes are mini-cupcakes. The pink cased cupcake has a vanilla muffin with raspberries and pink cream cheese frosting. The blue cased cupcake has a vanilla muffin and white cream cheese frosting. And last but not least: the green cased cupcake has a chocolate muffin and Nutella frosting.

tisdag 9 februari 2016

Sessan in autumn-like weather

Hello everybody! Today's post is another one with cats. This time it's Sessan again, but the photos are a bit better. She didn't want to look at me at all so I only managed to get a couple of good photos out of today. But i threw in a third one just because she looks kind of cute in it. She is jumping towards me because I kept saying her name to get her to look at me. Suddenly she then turned around, jumped towards me and meowed. I guess she wanted to know what I wanted, haha.

söndag 7 februari 2016

(Not very good) cat photos

Hello readers! I woke up 6AM this morning because a very annoying friend of mine kept calling and calling. Since I couldn't go back to sleep again I just lay in bed and read until eleven. At some point during that time I was reading Sessan came into my room and for some reason, she jumped up in one of my bookshelves. I thought it looked cute so I took my camera and tried taking some photos of her.

I didn't look through the photos because I was in the middle of reading and I was tired but when I finally did look at the photos I realized that all of them were blurred. In some photos she moved too fas and in others I must have moved the camera. It was probably because of the poor lighting. It was probably around 10AM when I took the photos but it's just grey, dark and raining over here so it was basically evening lighting.

So the photos didn't turn out very good except for one that I accidentally used flash with. But I decided to share them anyway because I don't really have anything else and I've not really posted a lot lately.

fredag 5 februari 2016

Book review: Utan personligt ansvar

Title: Utan personligt ansvar
Author: Lena Andersson
Genre: Romance
Year published: 2014
Pages: ~366
A place to buy it: If you are in Sweden you can click here to buy the book of Adlibris.
Other: Not translated to English (yet?)
Previous book review: The Years

Ester and Olof

This is the second book after Wilful Disregard - A Novel About Love and it begins five years after Ester's breakup with Hugo Rask - her great love in the first novel - when she meets the actor Olof Sten. He is already married and says that he will never leave his wife. Despite that statement so often being mentioned over and over again he starts going out with Ester. She is convinced that Olof will leave his wife soon and that his marriage is falling apart. And of course Ester is utterly obsessed with a man that don't really feel the same way about her. She even buy a car to be able to drive Olof to his work in different cities and so on.

Olof - the great victim of everything

If Ester is naive, then Olof is a victim - in his own eyes at least. He pretends that everything that happens in his and Ester's relationship is her forcing him. Of course he can't say no to her because he is just the poor victim of everything. All of the things he says and does is never caused by anything he did, he is just the victim of Ester's love, his wife's plans and at times even a victim of life.

To be honest, Lena Andersson really manages to create the kind of characters that I hate so incredible much. In the previous book it was Ester, but she grew up a bit in this book. Or maybe I just found a character - Olof - to hate more, so Ester seems fine now? Ester is a little less naive, especially towards the end when she realizes that Olof haven't been treating her like you should treat a loved one at all. I don't despise her as much.

But even if I don't like the characters I feel like I get to know them a lot better. At first I was afraid that this book and this new relationship would be too similar to the one in the previous book but they are not alike at all, this book is unique in that meaning.

Final thoughts

All of the characters have become much deeper and complex, I really love that. Since the characters are more complex the story follows. I feel like the things that the first book didn't have, this one has. But I don't find the language as stunning in this book, but it is overall a better book with deeper characters and a more interesting story. To get the full effect I would recommend to read the first book, to see how things changed and compare Olof and Hugo.

måndag 1 februari 2016

Chocolate muffins with raspberries

Hello everybody! It's time for another of these posts with something I've baked. Today I've made some chocolate muffins with raspberries in them. The topping is just an ordinary creme cheese frosting. For once I actually decided to write out the recipe, something I forget most of the time. But I thought ahead and remembered to do that this time! :)

Chocolate raspberry muffin, 15 muffins

2 eggs
100g melted butter
1 cup caster sugar
1½ teaspoon vanilla sugar
a pinch of salt
4 tablespoon cacao powder
3/4 cup of flour
½ teaspoon baking soda
1 cup raspberries

How to do it
1. Turn on the oven to 200°C.
2. Melt the butter and let it cool.

3. Whisk the eggs and sugar until it's fluffy.
4. Mix all of the dry ingredients in a separate bowl. Sift in the cacao powder.
5. Mix the dry ingredients with the egg and sugar.
6. Fold in the raspberries.
7. Add the melted butter to the mixture and fill up 15 muffin cups with the mixture.
8. Bake for around 15-20min.

Cream cheese frosting

1½ cup powder sugar
100g (soft) butter
150g cream cheese
1 tablespoon vanilla sugar

How to do it
1. Beat the butter until smooth and gradually add in the powder sugar and vanilla sugar.
2. Add the cream cheese and mix until the mixture is smooth.
3. Put the frosting in the fridge for at least 1 hour before piping it onto your muffins. (You have to wait until the muffins are cooled before piping or the frosting will melt.)

Bra tandläkare i Södertälje!

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Denna tandläkare i Södertälje heter David Izgin har arbetat som privattandläkare i staden sedan 1997. Hos honom kan du få hjälp med allt: akut tandvård, estetisk tandvård, tandblekning, barntandvård, tandimplantat, bettskena och snarkskena. Denna tandläkarmottagning är öppen måndag till fredag mellan 8:30 och 17:00. Men det finns som sagt också akut tandvård för dig som behöver hjälp på helger eller röda dagar, nummer till deras jourtelefon och drop in tider hittar ni på deras hemsida som jag länkade precis i början av inlägget. På hemsidan kan ni också hitta prislistor och telefonnummer/mail för att boka en tid. Det går också att lista ditt barn för barntandvård m.m.

Denna tandläkarklinik kan då alltså vara värd att besöka om du tycker att du har sneda tänder, mellanrum mellan tänderna, trångställningar eller liknande problem. Alla dessa problem faller nämligen in under kategorin estetisk tandvård, som jag tidigare berättade att det gick att få hjälp med hos tandläkare David Izgin. Du behöver alltså inte oroa dig eller skämmas för dina tänder längre, eftersom du nu vet vart du kan gå.

Även om du har tandläkarskräck eller andra liknande problem kan du säkerligen få hjälp ändå. Tusentals patienter har fått hjälp hos tandläkare David Izgin, varav många inte kunnat bli hjälpta/få hjälp av sina ordinarie tandläkare. Så inget att oroa sig för alltså, du kan titta in även om du känner dig rädd.

Ja, denna tandläkarklinik i Södertälje kan helt enkelt hjälpa dig med alla möjliga problem. Vare sig du behöver tandimplantat eller tandblekning kommer deras välutbildade tandläkare att göra sitt bästa för att lösa dina problem, vare sig det är röda dagar eller helg. Och även om du kanske inte tror dig ha något vidare fel på dina tänder finns det också vanliga rutinundersökningar. Eller så kanske du bara har lite tandsten. Inte så farlig kan man tycka, men eftersom det inte går att borsta bort tandsten kan det vara värt att boka in en tid för att ta bort det. Under besöket kommer du också kunna få råd på hur du förebygger tandlossning och liknande.

Så, då har vi väl nog kommit fram till slutet av detta inlägg om David Izgin och hans tandläkarmottagning i Södertälje. Jag hoppas inlägget kunde vara lite till hjälp!