söndag 10 augusti 2014

Tag: Get to know me

Yes, you reed right, this time: not so many photos, but a very lot of me! Ah, delightful don't you think? Nope, I'm just kidding, but I got an email from this girl asking me to do some kind of "get to know you tag" so I googled it and there is a tag called "get to know me" so I'd decide to do it! :) But only in English, because I don't want to spend five hours just for translating this post when 65% of my viewers not are from Sweden. And by the way, I stroked irrelevant questions :)

Question: Answer

Name: Isabella
Age: 14
Hight: 159cm
Shoe size: European: 39 American: 8.5 British: 6
Born: Gothemburg, Sweden
Lives: Gothemburg, Sweden

Three good qualities in yourself: Smart, kind, always in time
Three less good qualities in yourself: Lazy, non-athletic, allergic to mango
What are you afraid of: To get stuck, in a small room or public bathroom for example
What are you most pleased with in yourself: My hair
The funniest job you had / have: Never had a job :)
Do you have driving license and own car: No, but I'll get it when I'm old enough

When did you take your driver's license:
When did you cry last: While reading The fault in our stars the other day
When did you last laugh: This morning
Who did you drive with last: I can't drive yet...
Who did you eat food with the last: My family, we had dinner
Witch persons house did you sleep in last: My grandmas

Witch person did sleep in your house last: One of my best friends
What were you afraid of when you were little: Wolfs eating me while I biked to school, burglars and fire
What did you want, as little to be when you grew up: Lawyer
How many times have you visited a hospital: Many times...?
Worst pain you suffered: Don't know really
Something that made ​​you really happy in your life: When I got my lovely cat Maja back in -09

Something that made ​​you really mad and sad at some point in your life: When I realised that the one I thought was my best friend (but clearly wasn't) didn't like me
Have you ever practised a sport: Yes, I'm riding once a week!
Someone you look up to: My mum and Michelle Cañada
What's always in your purse: Napkins, pen, phone, bus pass
Have you been abroad for some time: Yes :)
What place was the finest: Finland

Largest city / cities you visited: Maybe Stockholm?
Have you ever taken or tried drugs: 
Do you have piercings or tattoos: One hole in each ear, if it counts. Besides that nothing
How should a guy be / look like for you to fall head over heels: I prefer standing, falling isn't for me
The finest compliment you received: I've had many nice ones :)

Have you got hurt of a guy sometime: No
Have you hurt a guy sometime: I hope not...
Have you ever faked an orgasm:
How many sex partners have you had:
Metropolitan or country?
Hamburger or pizza?

Meat or Fish?
Dog or cat?
Newspaper: SvD
McDonalds or Max?
Wine or Beer?
Charter or ski vacation?

Sweden or abroad?
Sports or news?
Hockey or Football? None of them
Light-haired or dark haired guys?
Summer or winter?

Spring or autumn?
Flight or train?

Car or Bus?
Picture of You: