måndag 22 september 2014

Life of Maja

Hello, I'm Maja, the black and white cat and this is what I have to go to every day.

Everything is good I've just had some food. Just sitting here, guarding my territory.

This one (Sessan) is here, I live with her. *Sigh*

Then I go for a walk around my territory. And... no... a disgusting, wet, leaf just touched my beautiful paw. How dare it?!

She's following me, all happy about the wet leafs and everything. *Sigh*

We meet, and it's all fine. Then she walks away a bit, alone(!) and I become suspicious.

Ready, set...


Danger is attacking! Protect the territory!

Oh. You again. I guess it was just false alarm then.

This made me hungry, I'm going home.

And here it goes again...