fredag 6 februari 2015

Cats during the winter...

Hi readers! Time for some later-than-usually-blogging :) I had thought of going outside again and shoot some nice pictures, but the snow is melting away. Maybe I can make a post about melting snow tomorrow? Today's the cats day. For a person that doesn't have a cat or maybe have a cat in a warmer climate you must think of a long-haired cat that pulses through the snow, right? Well, that's not how things go whit Maja, Tigra or Sessan. They just sleep and eat all day, maybe they try and go out but they come right back in again. Sometimes they play with each other or a toy, but they mostly just sleep and eat. :p
And yes, it's another collage. But don't worry. I won't make it a thing or something like that. I just happened to think that it would be nice whit a collage two days in a row! :)

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