söndag 22 mars 2015

Book Sunday?

Hi readers! This post is more about an idea I got from a mail than the photos, just to warn you if you don't like reading and only looks at the photos :) In the mail the other day, I got a request on starting a book series. I was thinking about that a lot (because I do, indeed, love to read) and to blog about books and photographing that is two thing I really enjoy doing, sounds like a good idea! Since I find Sundays a bit boring I thought that I would try and make some kind of book related post every other Sunday - Book Sunday.
If you don't think this is a good idea or have any suggestions about what those posts might be filled with, please send me a mail. If not I just want to say that the book posts most likely will be filled with mostly text and maybe a few pictures. I hope to be able to fulfil the request next week by reviewing Life Sentences by Laura Lippman! :)