fredag 19 augusti 2016

Maja and Sessan

Hello readers! I still feel very tired from my antibiotics, but overall I'm feeling better, so that is great. I don't recall telling you about school, but I start on Monday. Just so you know, even though it probably won't be any less frequent posting since I barely post at all anyway (but that is because I'm sick!). I have been lightly working on the book reviews, and they will hopefully be able to start to come from next week and onwards every other week.

Today's photos are of Maja and one photo is of Sessan. I heard some strange sounds outside. When I went outside I saw Maja, sitting on the edge of the roof, drinking water from the downspout. She looked at me a bit confused, and I took the camera and took some photos of her, haha. Then when I was outside, Sessan came too, so I took a photo of her as well.

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