måndag 7 november 2016


Hello readers! It was my first day back to school today after a week off, and I was really tired today. Outside it's starting to get a bit colder, it's been snowing on and off for the entire day today. The first snow this year came last Thursday, and that is really quite early for this part of Sweden. Since I had a long day today at school, and it gets dark super early this time of the year, I didn't get any time to take photos today. But I did, on the other hand, take photos this Friday and I was going to post them but forgot about it. So, here are some photos from last Friday.

It basically look the same outside today, but today it was colder and the snowflakes were a bit smaller, but other than that you didn't miss out on anything. I'm hoping to get to take some good photos soon, but I only finish school early on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so it's some time until then!

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