söndag 10 maj 2015


Good evening everybody! I don't know what happened with the Friday post, I thought I published it but I must have accidentally deleted it instead(?). I was almost completely sure I made a post but apparently not, I guess. You didn't miss anything important and I'm probably going to put up the photos in the next post instead. ;)

Today was my confirmation. I was very nervous and my even more nervous friends didn't make it any better. Everything went well, nobody fell of the stage, everyone knew their lines in the little dramas we preformed and it didn't rain. It was very windy though and that made it so cold outside. I'm also sick at the moment - sore throat and a bit of fewer. I could've been without the fewer and wind but it was a good day after all.

My mum took the photos of me and I took the rest of the photos. I looked grumpy in almost every photo or my face was covered in hair but I'm just going to include some of the okay photos of me since it's a special day after all. I was very pleased with the photos of the food, better than usually. I changed the settings a little bit.

I really hope you like this post. It took so long to get done and I've rewritten and changed the pictures a thousand times. This was an important day to me and I wanted it to be remembered well. That's also the reason I wrote quite a lot more than usually.

Left up: Me and my friends in our little drama. Right up: Singing. Left down: Prayer. Right down: Singing the last song before going outside.

Group photo!

From left: Me, Sofia and Johanna.

Sandwich cake.

Sponge cake with dark chocolate, milk chocolate and strawberries.

Mousse cake with fruit.

The turquoise Bible everyone got and that you can see me holding in some photos.