söndag 7 februari 2016

(Not very good) cat photos

Hello readers! I woke up 6AM this morning because a very annoying friend of mine kept calling and calling. Since I couldn't go back to sleep again I just lay in bed and read until eleven. At some point during that time I was reading Sessan came into my room and for some reason, she jumped up in one of my bookshelves. I thought it looked cute so I took my camera and tried taking some photos of her.

I didn't look through the photos because I was in the middle of reading and I was tired but when I finally did look at the photos I realized that all of them were blurred. In some photos she moved too fas and in others I must have moved the camera. It was probably because of the poor lighting. It was probably around 10AM when I took the photos but it's just grey, dark and raining over here so it was basically evening lighting.

So the photos didn't turn out very good except for one that I accidentally used flash with. But I decided to share them anyway because I don't really have anything else and I've not really posted a lot lately.