måndag 14 mars 2016

A couple of winter photos

Hello everybody! I know, it's March and it's supposed to be the beginning of spring. And yes, I do have some spring-like photos coming up, but I wanted to post these couple of winter photos before that. I just didn't want to wait with these photos until it's too late to post them. But since it's still only March I figured it might not be too late just yet. If anyone is curious, I didn't take these with my camera, they are taken with my phone, but I liked the photos anyway so I decided they were worth posting anyway.

I'm going to post the book review this Wednesday, so you can be looking forward to that hopefully. It wasn't ready today and since I post every other day I think it will be ready to the next time I'm going to post. Until then you get this post and these photos to look at!

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