söndag 6 december 2015

Christmas fair in the storm

Hello readers! Today's post was going to be about the yearly Christmas fair. I go to it every year in December and even though it might be a bit cold, I always have a good time. This year I wanted to bring my camera and take some photos, maybe buy a candied apple or something like that. But as you may or may not know, there has been more than one storm coming in over Sweden's west coast. It has been very rainy with strong winds since Friday, and it still is.

Because of that the Christmas fair was almost canceled this year. Sure, it might have been a few fairy lights here and there but nothing much at all. The only thing you could buy was hot dogs and lottery tickets. Not a lot of people was outside either, so I didn't get any good photos. But because I really wanted to post something today I decided to pick out the okay photos, so here they are. I didn't expect the storms to be so strong, canceling the Christmas fair.

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