tisdag 29 december 2015

Night photos

Good evening readers! It's currently late in Sweden right now and I have some night photos to share with you. These photos are not taken very late, but since it's dark at 4PM you don't really have to wait for it getting dark around here. Despite the fact that night photos are possible during a big period of the day, I don't really enjoy taking them. It's so annoying to not being able to get my camera to focus, a car drives by/I'm too close to the highway and the photos turn out blurred and so on.

You certainly need a patience to take this photos, and I don't have that since I don't think the result is really worth it. But sometimes it can be a bit of fun. This time I think it was nice because of the big moon. Now, you can't really see the moon because of the clouds but you do see it shine through the clouds a bit.

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