torsdag 31 december 2015

The year of 2015

Hello readers! This is me rewinding this year. I've divided this post into twelve categories, one for each month, where I've written a short summary of the month, linked my best post and picked some of the best photos from that month. I hope you like it! I also hope for 2016 to be even better, to be able to take better photos and of course I hope that all of you readers are going to stay with me another year.


The first month didn't have the best weather. It snowed some days and I showed you some photos of it, but other than that I mostly posted things in "Eat and recipes" and "A summer memory".

Best post: Black and white winter


This was the month of my 15th birthday, valentines day and the day I and a friend biked too far during one day and I ended up coughing until spring or so. I posted about flowers, nature, cats, candles and my birthday.

Best post: My 15th birthday 


I posted about pretty much everything in March. A few summer memories, some posts about the cats and water drops from various plants. I had the flu and spring was just around the corner. In the first time for this year, I also made a book review again.

Best post: Spring equinox


Now we have arrived in spring! It could be noticed in my blog because a lot of the posts had photos of flowers. This was also the month I made my 100th post and I changed the theme for the first time this year.

Best post: 100th post - Circus!


This month i had my confirmation, I celebrated mothers day with my mum, giving her roses and I took loads of photos of pretty flowers. I had a cold but still managed to take some good photos. This month had at least three good posts, but I decided the one with my confirmation should be the best. But I also really love Squared flowers.

Best post: Confirmation


I could really feel how summer was coming along in June. My school went to Slottskogen, a park in Gothenburg and I had some posts about that. Me and my family celebrated midsummer, I reviewed photo editors, I did a photo tips about WB and made Jessie's chocolate peanut butter bars.

Best post: White flowers


This month I was on summer break. I spent my time taking photos and doing things like rowing a too small inflatable boat in a lake with my friend. I still have the photos of me panicking in the boat, causing it to take in water, on my computer and it always makes me laugh when I look at them. My blog also celebrated it's one year anniversary.

Best post: Rowing in the lake


I traveled inside Sweden a bit this month. I went to Karlskrona and Stockholm and got some nice photos from there. School started again, I baked cupcakes with cherry frosting and posted loads of landscape photos.

Best post: Dark chocolate cupcakes with cherry


Because of school taking up some time of mine, I blogged a little less than I had during the summer. Nothing very super special happened, autumn was starting to come along and I didn't like it. I mixed landscape with macro and animal photos and that gave these posts a variation i look back on and enjoy.

Best post: Sweet Sessan


I tried taking photos of the super blood moon but failed, I baked an apple pie and posted a lot of autumn photos. Now the season had really changed, it was just getting darker earlier and earlier. The only good thing about the autumn was the beautiful colors everywhere.

Best post: It's autumn


This month didn't really have last months beautiful colors but it was even darker and more boring. I had a hard time finding good things to take photos of and didn't make a lot of posts. I did bake some nice things though.

Best post: Almost Friday...


And now, here we are. Last month of the year, December. I've got Christmas break and celebrated Christmas. It's soon new years and 2016. This month has been pretty much like last month if you look at the posts and photos. I do feel like the year went by pretty fast and I'm looking forward to next year!

Best post: The first snow

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