lördag 24 oktober 2015

Autumn colours, red & yellow

Hello everyone! In an attempt to stay true to my word in yesterday's post I got outside in the cold autumn weather and took some photos to make a proper post. I feel like it has been a good while since I made a really proper post, most of the time I haven't really spent a lot of time editing the photos or things like that, mostly just thrown something tougheter since I felt like it had been to long since last post. But today I sat down and edited properly, I also spent quite some time outside today. I mean, I didn't leave the garden or anything, but I stayed in the garden with Maja for a while.

Some other post is probably going to come up with photos similar to these ones, I'm probably not going to name it part two or anything because I'm tired of having short series. The only series I like to continue right now is A summer memory. So that other post will probably be up tomorrow or the day after tomorrow!