torsdag 8 oktober 2015

Before and after - It's autumn!

Hi readers! This post is going to be a little different. My first idea for this post was to compare photos I posted a year ago and the photos I posted in "It's autumn", my last post. But then I also decided that I wanted to show the unedited version of photos I shoot the other day. This is mostly because I know I didn't really do any editing back then.

First of all we can start with the photos from last year. I found these photos because I was looking back in time on my Instagram the day I posted a photo from last post. Then I realized that 52 weeks ago I had posted this first photo down below and that really made me reflect on how much I've improved in only a year. This was with my Nikon camera as well, so I can't even say it's a bad photo because of the camera I used.
If you want to check out the two posts I took these photos from you can click here to read 'Autumn' from last September and you can click here to read 'Yellow, orange, red' from last October.

So that's that. Now let's go ahead and look at the before and after editing photos, just because it's fun. Also you might notice that these photos are very blurry, that is because I couldn't hold the camera still enough for it to focus because it was very windy. The photos where uploaded in a low resolution and only posted in a small size because that was the kind of header I had back then.

So that was example one. As you can see I made the colors a bit more vibrant but also added on some more contrast in order to darken the background and make the leaf more "see through" if that makes any sense.

This is example number two where I basically made the same kind of changed as in the first photo. This original photo was more too the gray side than the first photo and it wasn't as red so I didn't get the same change of color in this one.


And here is the third photo. I made it a little darker than the two other photos because I wanted to get the colors to stand out from a dark background. I also made the color of the leaves in this photo a little more vibrant than in the last two. This was done because I wanted you too be able to see the green, yellow and red of the leaves in the background too, even if they are out of focus.