tisdag 6 oktober 2015

It's autumn!

Hello readers! Yes, it's really, really autumn for real now. Before it was mostly me complaining about it becoming autumn but now it's really here. Leaves are on the ground, I get up in the morning before sunrise and sunset is about 19:30 or something. Maybe I'm going to take some photos of the sunrise, I don't really have a lot of those photos but I do have loads of sunset photos.

Today a friend of mine came over and I took the opportunity to go outside. I don't really like going outside alone because it's a bit boring and I just end up thinking about how cold and dark it is. Now these photos turned out great! I did a bit of editing on them because I wanted to enhance the - yes I can admit it - pretty autumn coloures. The lighting was good to begin with but after some editing they turned out really good! :)