torsdag 1 oktober 2015

Super blood moon *fail*

Hi everyone! This is some days late - I know, almost a week too late but better late than never, right? - but I have had three bigger exams this week and another two is coming up next week so I haven't had a lot of time over to blog. I tried to blog the other day, but my Wi-Fi connection wouldn't let me.

A really good article about all of this can be read here on The super blood moon eclipse was between 27-28 September this year, depending on where you live. For me, in Sweden, it was full blood moon eclipse between 04:11-05:23 on the 28th of September. My mom woke me up and I went outside to look at the moon and take some photos. The same evening, some hours before I went to bed, I took some photos of the moon as it looked before the eclipse and everything.

Now it turned out that my came would not find focus thanks to the lighting from the parking and garages right next to the place I was taking photos from. The few photos I took - before I got too cold and too tired - all turned out blurry. Still, I guess I could share this with you just because it's nothing like all the amazing photos I've seen on Instagram and everywhere else. I mean, I even acidentally moved my camera in the last photo!