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Book review: The List of My Desires

Title: The List of My Desires
Author: Grégoire Delacourt
Genre: Drama
Year published: 2012
Pages: ~185
A place to buy it: If you are in Sweden you can buy the book from Bokus. Or if that's not the case you can buy it of Amazon.
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Jocelyne and Jocelyn

The main character, Jocelyne Guerbette have almost exactly the same name as her husband Jocelyn, both are nicknamed Jo, but to keep them apart I'm going to refer to the main character - Jocelyne - as Jo and her husband as his name. The story is not very complicated. It starts with Jo telling the reader about her life with her husband. Jo is a dressmaker and hoping to become a fashion designer in Paris. She and Jocelyn lives a modest life in the little city of Arras in northern France. Jo's friends then encourage her to buy a lottery ticket and then it happens, Jo win 18 574 301 euro and 28 cent.

When Jo wins the lottery the story begins, she start to write lists of things she want - hence the title. But she don't want to change her life, she loves her current house and the life she has with Jocelyn, something the money threatens to change. On top of that - and it's already a good story - come a twist a the end that I really didn't expect at all.

Easy to read and well written

I did like this book quite a lot. The story is not very fast and constantly changing, you get the overall idea and in the end it doesn't come down to small detail. It's basically not a thriller/action kind of drama. I found the book well written and quite easy to read. At first I thought that Jo would just come to the conclusion that money isn't everything and live happily ever after with Jocelyn, but that is not what happened. Nevertheless the ending was very nice.

Trying to not spoil anything but still trying to give you an idea of the ending I will say that Jo realize that you don't have to feel obligated to love someone back just because they love you, and you don't need a significant other to be able to be happy. The ending - and only the ending! - actually reminds me a little bit about Ladies Coupe.

If you want to read an interesting, short little book without a thousand things happening around every corner and something that is also easy to read I would defiantly recommend this book.

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