torsdag 12 maj 2016

Crows, cat, tree

Hi everyone! I had saved these three photos in my photo folder, waiting to get something better to pair them up with. Now, that didn't seem to be happening, so I decided to just post them together. All three of them have something with the outside to do, so that's one similarity. I wanted some photos of our cats too, but it really didn't work out that great. The cats are just sleeping tight now, since it's so warm outside (and inside too) so they are not much fun, and my last post was about Maja and Sessan after all.

To update you on the phone and instagram situation: I realized the other day that if I turn my phone off and then on again I can open instagram and upload one photo. So it's kind of working, or at least working good enough for me right now, I might start to get annoyed later but right now I'm just glad it's working.