tisdag 3 maj 2016

Cherry blossoms

Hello readers! Today I have these photos of beautiful cherry blossoms to share with you. I like cherry blossoms a lot, they are probably the thing about spring that I love the most. Last year I made another post about cherry blossoms but I think these photos are much better than last year. I had taken a lot of photos of the flowers but I really couldn't pick out a few favorites, so I picked out a total of seven photos instead.

As I mentioned in my post last year I had an obsession with cherry blossoms when I was younger and I thought that it was the most perfect and beautiful flower of all. I don't think that have changed really, I still want to stop at every tree I walk past and take loads of photos... it's just so beautiful. Right now I even have a few flowers in a vase on my desk - it was those flowers I when taking these photos.

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