måndag 22 juni 2015

A couple of flowers

Hi everybody! I hope you enjoyed yesterdays post, I really tried to do my best and give you relevant information. Somehow I feel like I'm going to regret doing that post because months later I'm going to figure out just how bad it was... Maybe? I don't know really but if you would like to see more posts that isn't just filled with photos but also more about photographing, editing and things like that: tell me! Like the post, comment, send emails and all that. By doing that I know what content is the best so that I can post more of it!

A lot of people wanted book review back so I'm bringing it back. I'm currently reading and the review is going to be posted as soon as I manage to finish the book. Some of the most liked posts are the ones with sweets so I'm going to make some more of dose too, hopefully soon. I feel like this week is going to be me preparing a lot of posts so sorry if it's boring this week :)