fredag 26 juni 2015

White flowers

Hello readers! I really hope you liked yesterdays post and found it helpful. The book review is coming soon, I've read two thirds of the book and I'm excited to share this one with all of you, it's really a good book! I'm probably going to post that next week at some point so stay tuned. Hopefully I'm going to do a couple of reviews every other week and maybe a photo tips in between. The responses I've gotten on the post about WB is good so far and I'm going to continue the series.

Today's post is some leftover photos from when I was trying to get a good example photo to photo tips. I really thought those flowers where beautiful. First I didn't think of doing a post about it but I still wanted to post it on instagram (yes, I'm getting more active!) but then I just thought it would make a descent post so here it is! Have a nice weekend! :)