torsdag 11 juni 2015

Park pics - 2

Hi there! Today's the first day of my summer break and I started this day of by getting up at noon... Maybe not the best start but I feel really refreshed and ready to do some blogging. I though I was being really productive and things like that but then I realised it's almost 6PM :) A lot of people have asked me to do some kind of "monthly favourites" so I'm preparing for doing that first post in the end of this month. You can feel that it's summer now, it's warm and sunny. There's also a lot of disgusting insects, but I guess that's part of summer too.

The photos from Slottskogen was fun to take but I really like the photos of the deer. Months ago I managed to capture a deer in my garden, the photos where shoot from my bedroom window, super zoomed-in and blurry. I must admit that I laughed a bit at myself, remembering the photos I shoot then. At that time I was very pleased with those bad photos and I felt skilled that managed to get "good" photos of a deer, haha :)