tisdag 23 juni 2015

Blue & white bouquet

Hello readers! I'm going to start a new little series with photo tips and information I think some of you might enjoy. I've spent this day in Gothenburg, doing some shopping and such, but this early evening I spent shooting some of the first example photos to my first part of photo tips. The result didn't get quite like I wanted it to be and most of my photos where taken with a too high ISO because I forgot to change the settings... Because of that I had do take all photos again and it was just very annoying. I guess I could take the bad photos and make some kind of "Fail Friday" post of that. Haha, I guess we'll see that in some days, or maybe not?

I'm currently writing and doing research to make my first part of photo tips, it's probably going to be about Preset white balance (PWB) and I hope you will find it informative. If you hadn't already noticed I sorted out the categories/tags so now they are more well done and you can see all my tags to the left. I also made it possible for you to be able to get an email every time I make a new post. Have a nice day! :)