söndag 28 juni 2015

Jessie's chocolate peanut butter bars

Good evening everybody! I just realised that 11 months ago I made a youtube comment where I told Jessie that I would give her recipe a try. That got completely forgotten, I still watch all her videos but I never kept my word... until this day. Today I made her chocolate peanut butter bars and I loved them. They where really tasty and I put all the ingredients together under 15min, so they really where made fast. The part that took most time was when the bars where in the fridge (40min) but if you are in a hurry I think you could eat them right away as well. Personally I liked them better cold and they where easier to handle then.

In her video she recommends unsalted butter and I used that in case anybody's wondering. I didn't have enough chocolate so I chopped up some white chocolate and just sprinkled it over. At first I tried with Nutella but that is too sweet in my opinion. I didn't have a pan small enough so I put the mixture into my silicone muffin cups. I followed the recipe but instead of 1cup I used 2dl because we don't really measure with cups in Sweden, out of the mixture I got 7 big, full, muffin cups.

You can click here to get to the video with the recipe and you can click here to get to her channel where she puts up more things than just recipes. Thanks for the recipe Jessie! I really liked it :)