lördag 27 juni 2015

Black&white cats

Hi there! It's been a rainy day and I have spent it by finishing the book. I just wanted to post something little today, I'm probably going to continue writing on the book review right after posting this. The weather has not been very good nor very bad. It's been a bit of clouds, a bit of rain but still warm. I thought it was a while since I posted something about the cats so that's what this post is about today. Hopefully I won't make you bored with my constant photos of Maja...

All three of them are doing well, it's not been a very warm summer this year so they have hopefully not suffered from the heat. They spend much time outside but I always have at least two of them in my bed, occupying it, every night when I'm going to bed - on good and on bad. I'd hope they would wake up when I came with the camera but everyone just continued their sleep, a bit boring maybe but I still find them cute, haha :)