tisdag 9 juni 2015

Park pics - 1

Hello everyone! Today was the day before my last day of school and my class went to a park in Gothenburg, the park is called Slottskogen. We all spent the whole day there, it was really sunny and very hot. I was sweating the whole time and no one was allowed to take any pictures of me because I probably looked terrible! So, no photos of me, but I shoot a whole bunch of photos. It's going to be four parts and I'm going to post throughout the week.

My day was good, even if I didn't like the heat. I'm very glad that it didn't rain or anything like that. My legs and feet are tired after wandering around in the park between 8:50-14:25 and I'm sleepy. Probably going to bed soon after posting this, haha! :) The photos turned out good, in my opinion at least. I hope you enjoy them!