måndag 29 juni 2015

Strawberry flowers

Hi there! I made a post about strawberries some time ago but this one is all about the strawberry flowers. We grow strawberries in our little garden but I've missed that. Somehow I think it's been one or two photos with these flowers, or maybe not? I just really remember posting something that looks like the photos I shoot today. Because of that I didn't pick out the photos I found familiar for today's post, just in case it's been uploaded before. It can also be that I've previously shoot photos that never made it into an actual post.

Yesterday I was going to post a picture to Instagram and there was something wrong. I was just thrown back to my feed every time I had selected the photo I wanted to post. It's so annoying and I have tried a lot of times today with different photos but it's just the same thing happening over and over again. I'm so annoyed by this bug and I'm probably going to re-install the app. Nobody else seems to have the same problem and I just want to spend time on Instagram, especially now when I have a cold... ugh. Sorry for complaining but I'm just so annoyed when things doesn't work.