lördag 15 augusti 2015

Cupcakes Stockholm

Hi everyone! Yesterday was the last post with photos from Stockholm, so the title might confuse you. To make things clear: the cupcakes are from a place called Cupcakes Stockholm. My mum brought these to me when we was staying in Stockholm. I don't think the taste is amazing and I was quite disappointed when I ate them. The only thing that was different about these two was the frosting. Also the cupcake with green frosting was dry and kind of hard.

I decided to just publish this because I was not very impressed and it wasn't worth the money. I got both of these in as a mini cupcake à 15kr/1,77USD. The photos turned out good too, so I wanted show you that as well. I hope somebody found this helpful or just enjoyed the photos! :) If anyone is interested, the green one is called Fläderkrus and the yellow Lemon Meringue.