tisdag 18 augusti 2015

Cute Maja!

Hi readers! It was a while since I posted anything with Maja. Everyone is probably tired of seeing her all the time, but I think she is so adorable and cute. I can't get enough of her :) I started taking photos when I saw her laying under a rosebush but when I got closer she stood up and walked towards me instead. You can see that in the three first photos. The last photo is when I walked back to our house and she followed me. Something made some kind of sound so she turned around to see where the noise came from.

Book review is coming up tomorrow or the day after tomorrow depending on if I get done writing it today or not. I liked this book and have already started on my next book. The books I ordered from Adlibris have not arrived yet, but when they do I'll probably post about it on Instagram. Hopefully the books are going to arrive towards the end of this week.