lördag 8 augusti 2015

Southeast coast city from the water

Hi readers! As I said it's going to be a whole week of photos from my semester. Today's photos are from the city Karlskrona, located at the Swedish southeast coast. I spent some days there and it was very warm, sunny and summer-like in general. The sun was very strong and I got a little bit burned on my shoulders. My feet also got an unwanted tan line caused by my shoes. But the overall experience was good, I had very fun.

One of the first days we walked around in the city a bit, then we decided to take a guided boat tour. It lasted for one hour. The idea was that I should take photos with my camera and I brought the camera and everything. When we sat in the boat my camera wouldn't start and I realized I forgot my camera battery in my suitcase. So no photos with my camera from that day. I borrowed mum's phone though so here's some of the photos from the day.