söndag 16 augusti 2015

Sweet peas

Hi there! Today is the last day of my summer break. School starts tomorrow and I'm going to be tired for half a year, until Christmas break. I've just finished a book so some post next week is going to be a book review. I'm still trying to stick to my schedule to post two book reviews and one photo tips a month. The photo tips is going to be posted later this month, I have not forgot about it. I'm just having a bit of a hard time finding something interesting to write about.

As I mentioned some day ago I am going to try and blog every day but don't be suprised if it's only posts every other day sometime, I just want to remind you about that because I know people love to ask when I'm going to post next whenever I don't post, so now you know :) These sweet peas grow in the garden and they smell so good, I just had to take some photos of them!