lördag 1 augusti 2015

Book review: The Collectors

Title: The Collectors
Author: David Baldacci
Genre: Thriller
Year published: 2007
Pages: ca 500
A place to buy it: If you are in Sweden you can click here to buy the book of Bokus and if that's not the case you can click here to buy it from Amazon.
Other: This is the second part of Camel Club Series.
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The Camel Club and Annabelle Conroy

The Camel Club is lead by former agent that now goes by the name of Oliver Stone. Oliver's close friend and a member of the Camel Club, Caleb Shaw, works at the Library of Congress in Washington DC and enjoys his work. One day Caleb finds his friend, Jonathan DeHaven, the shy head of the Rare Books Division at the Library of Congress dead. Jonathan's death is a mystery and the Camel Club is trying to solve it but when digging into the dead mans life they find out that Jonathan himself also had secrets.

In the mean time Annabelle Conroy, the the most gifted con artist of her generation, is preparing for the con of her life. She is going to get revenge and big sums of money out of it if she successfully completes the plan. If not, she and her partners might end up dead or even worse. Either way they are going to regret it if something goes wrong. In all this she also cross path with the Camel Club and maybe she could give them a bit of help in the case of Jonathan DeHaven?

Two plots, many charachters

This book really is thrilling to read, I wanted to turn the pages before I even had read them to the bottom. Something I found a bit hard was to keep up whit all the characters, especially in the beginning. It wasn't very long ago I read it but I can't tell you the important sidekicks or the name of some people that actually was quite important to the plots. But I feel like the book helps you, it can take some sentences of a new chapter before you really understand where you are and remember what happened last time, but the book will give you kind little reminders.

The two plots and the fact that you don't really can keep up with all of the characters in detail makes it exciting to start every new chapter. Even if the book is about the Camel Club I feel like you get involved enough in Annabelle to care about her story too. It's not like you feel "oh, here's a filler chapter with Annabelle again". To be honest I liked her part of the book the best, it was most thrilling and kept me on the edge of my seat.

Final thoughts

If you like thrillers, don't mind keeping a few characters in fresh memory and want to have a good book that's not too expensive (since it was published in 2007 you won't need to pay too much) I think this is the book for you. The language isn't empty, many thrillers leave details and just want to push the story forward. I find dose books empty, some don't even mention the hair color of the main character and that bores me. This book isn't like that, it's the perfect mix! You don't have to have read the first book, but you might want to read the third because all things don't get tied together in this one.