måndag 17 augusti 2015

Water in nature

Hello everybody! Today's post is going to have photos from a lovely little waterfall close to my house. It's at the foot of a hill and it's lots of trees that grow around it. I found it because of the sound it made, my original idea was to just get to the top of the hill because of the view. The view wasn't that great, trees and houses where in my way. I only got one fairly good shot, so I decided to include that here too.

Today was first day of school and it's been so hot. I brought a jacket with me and mediately regretted it. I almost missed my train home so I ran as fast as I could with my jacket on. My face got really sweaty and when I got home my makeup looked terrible. Now I'm on my room, drinking sparkling water with ice and wishing that it was lemonade - it's good that it isn't because I've spilled the water over myself twice now. I hope all of you had a good day. I usually don't blog this early but I feel like I have to because I'm going to fall asleep.