söndag 13 september 2015

4 different mug cakes!

Hello readers! I wanted to post yesterday but my wi-fi connection wouldn't let me. From about 17-22 I didn't have a wi-fi connection and after ten I just got tired of it all and decided to try again the next day. So here I am, finally being able to blog again. It feels like a long time ago because I didn't make any post yesterday.

Today I made 4 different mug cakes. The recipe and video is from this youtube clip that I found interesting and wanted to try. In the video there is five mug cakes but I didn't try the 'Apple crumble mug cake' because I didn't have all those ingredients. I did kind of enjoy eating them but I probably wouldn't make them again. It wasn't any kind of time saver, and it wasn't very flavorful. The 'Gluten-free chocolate banana mug cake' was very bitter and that one really didn't taste good. All of the cakes tasted like egg and had a very sponge-like consistency that I didn't like either.

In the 'Funfetti mug cake' all sprinkles was in the bottom of my mug, I didn't see any of them on top. The 'Red velvet mug cake' turned out like a chocolate cake and it wasn't anything red about it. I made my own cream cheese frosting and I used it on all of the mug cakes, it melted on my red velvet so that's why it looks very strange.

Gluten-free chocolate banana mug cake

Funfetti mug cake

Red velvet mug cake

Rainbow mug cake