tisdag 15 september 2015

Sweet Sessan

Hello everybody! I came home from school and saw Sessan sitting in the garden so I went outside again with my camera. These are the photos of her from today, they where quite hard to get because she wouldn't stop walking around. When I finally just sat down she suddenly did the same, that's why most photos are from almost the same angle. Every time I moved she too moved after me but if I just sat still she did that as well.

The leaves are turning red and yellow, falling of the trees. I can really feel that autumn is here now, but then it's mid-September already. The winds are cold and the sun sets so early. I feel like summer just started a couple of weeks ago, but no, it was months ago and summer has already come to an end I believe. Only thing I like about this season must be the cloths - knitted sweaters and more neutral colored clothing.