torsdag 24 september 2015


Hello everyone! I know I haven't made any posts in a few days, almost a week, but that is because I have tried to get this video done. It's a few clips from when I and my friend took his dog Joppe for a walk in the forest. Now the thing is, the video is very short and the end is kind of weird because I have no idea how to do a proper ending. It took me four days to put thorougher because I soon realized I have no idea whatsoever on how to edit, cut and put these clips into a video.

Here is the result, after endless hours of watching tutorials on youtube I finally made a kind of decent video that is now up on youtube! The channel is called 'Issapixlat' just like my blog! If you like this kind of little videos I might do more in the future, but then I'm going to be better and more prepared!