fredag 11 september 2015

Car photos

Hi everyone! All week when I've gone to school it has been this very beautiful, thick mist over the river close to my house. You might remember the same river from one of my many posts with photos from this river. If you don't recall it, you might want to check out this one, this, or maybe this post? I wanted to capture this beautiful mist, but today's early photo adventures didn't really go as planned.

First thing is, I get outside and realize there is no mist by the river that day. All of the neighborhood and higher up the hill behind my house is covered in mist. That is not how it has looked the other days, then the mist have only been by and over the river. Second thing that happened was that when I got to the station my train was canceled because of track reparations. My dad gave me a ride in the car to school so I didn't get there late, luckily. On the way to school I got these photos through the car window. I hope you like them, even if they have a bit of noise.