torsdag 3 september 2015

A water lily

Hello everybody! Remember last time when I and my friend was rowing in the lake? That time we saw a water lily and in order to get it we also broke one of the oars. When we finally got to the shore again we went home and I put the water lily in a big bowl of water. It rained that evening and when I came out the next day I took some more photos. I took just a very few (and pretty bad) photos the day we got the water lily so the day after I took some better photos.

After that day I just though that I should wait until a good time to post these photos, then I forgot about it. Now I'm here with these photos, almost a month after they where taken. It's almost like a summery memory, I guess. I really hope you like these photos. And no, it was not worth loosing an oar because of this flower, but we did so now we can at least enjoy the photos of it.