måndag 14 september 2015


Hi there! For today's photos it's just some white berries and a white house. I don't remember where I took these photos, I think it was last Thursday when I just had had my piano lesson. I'm not quite sure but I think that was when I took these photos. Since then they have just been on my SD-card without me even noticing. I did write a little note to myself where reminded myself of today's photos. To write down the photos I like on little post-it notes and stick them in my calendar has showed to be very helpful.

This week is probably going to be one of those autumn-like weeks. It has been a gray sky, windy and raining this whole day. Tomorrow is going to be just like today but with even more rain. I feel like posting a summer memory, would that be too early? Summer feels so far away now and it's just the beginning of September.