söndag 20 september 2015

A little wasp

Hi readers! I know it haven't been any posts for a couple of days and you are probably wondering why I haven't been posting anything without noticing you. Well it's really simple, Friday I forgot, Saturday was my mum's birthday. I had not planned to post anything on Saturday either way but I was going to write about that on Friday. The thing was that I forgot the Friday post basically. But now I'm back!

Today's photos are just a few photos of a wasp I saw today. I was outside in the garden and thinking about possible photos when this wasp flew right past my face. I looked after it because I thought it was a fly and then I saw that it was a wasp and that the wasp landed on these yellow flowers. When I got closer I only got a few photos of the wasp before it left, then I took a quick photo of this leaf and that is it for today! :)