fredag 22 januari 2016

A new view

Hi everybody! Today - or more like tonight Swedish time - I wanted to share my new view with you. It's a view I've many times showed on my blog. Yes, I'm talking about the yellow house and the sunsets and other various photos that I've taken of that house. The house is now moved to another address and now I just have the white back of the supermarket to look at... So here are some photos of what my new view look like. The first two photos are also night and day of the same motive, the night one taken when I got up and the second one taken when I got home from school.

As for my day I've been trying to watch a documentary about the surgeon Paolo Macchiarini and read this article I found called A Philosphical Approach to Time but my internet connection won't let me watch nor read. I have a few tests coming up but I don't think it's going to take time from my blogging, it's nothing big just a debate and two written tests.

I hope you have a nice weekend and enjoy the photos! :)