torsdag 7 januari 2016

Almost sunset lighting

Hello readers! I hope you enjoyed last post with books I want to read, I very much enjoyed doing it and I'm probably going to have fun writing reviews on those books as soon as I get to read them. In today's post I just want everyone to appreciate this beautiful lighting. It makes me think so much of summer and warmth. I went into the bedroom to water the plants in the photos and the sun got into my eyes, then I just felt like some photos had to be taken.

But I have to say, everything looked much better when I took the photos, through the lens, than it did on my computer. Now I really don't know about these photos... I'm kind of disappointed because it feels like a missed opportunity. I got the veins in the leaves and the pattern of sun and shadow but I don't think the way I framed it was very nice at all.

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