fredag 8 januari 2016

It's snowing!

Hi everyone! Yes, it's finally snowing again. Since last evening it's been snowing, it's not very cold or too windy so it's nice outside. Maja and the other cats don't really like stepping in the snow, they go outside and come in right away and starts licking their paws. I went outside too and took some photos. And even though I rarely post any photos of myself I'll post two today.

To be honest, I think the photos today turned out really good. I didn't hurry or anything because for once I dressed warm with a knitted sweater. Not having to hurry inside right away really helped to get better photos, I'm quite happy. Also, the snow is really pretty but the snowflakes made a lot of my photos look grainy. I'm hoping to get even better photos when it has stopped snowing, tomorrow maybe!