tisdag 12 januari 2016

Black and white paws

Hello readers! I'm already super tired after starting school this week, it feels like I'm almost about to fall asleep. It's so ridiculous, it's not even 8PM and I'm so tired, haha. I almost forgot blogging today but before the last sunlight disappeared I remembered and took some photos of Majas paws. Since the different colours of the photos was a bit dull I made them black and white with a hint of purple/blue in it. I quite like the colour they turned out in.

But it doesn't matter how nice the colour is because I still don't like these photos very much. I think they look a bit like I just cropped a photo of my cat too much or something. It didn't go as planned. But I'm just going to put them up in a post anyway and hope that next post is better. So that's what I did today, spent twenty minutes laying on the floor next to my cat, going to school and being tired.

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