söndag 31 januari 2016

Snowy tree

Hi readers! Every day these past five days I've thought to myself: today I'm going to blog. And every evening when I've closed my computer, I remember that I was supposed to make a post that day. But it just didn't happen at all... Until now, five days later. I'm going to post more of Molle - the cute dog in the last post - but for now I didn't have much time because it's a lot of photos to go through. So I'll just post these three photos of this snowy tree.

It's not any snow outside anymore, these are from earlier (because I didn't plan this five day break). Right now it's just as boring as october-december, it's dark and raining and windy and basically everything looks grey or brown. The only thing I like about this late winter weather is the lighting. Around 3PM it's a beautiful before-sunset-lighting that come in through my window and the not too thick or too dark clods make it very beautiful with soft shadows and a subtle contrast.